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Welcome to the world of Age of Gezo[]

Welcome to the Age of Gezo wiki! Here you'll find all kinds of information about the game, ranging from its lore to its mechanics, and everything in between.

What is Age of Gezo?[]

Age of Gezo is an online MMORPG that runs off of the Byond engine, and is based off of the hit manga/anime series Naruto. In AoG, you get to create your very own character, choosing which village you want to start in, how old you want to be, and even getting the choice to start as a member of one of the many clans seen in Naruto, like the Uchiha and Senju. Once you're all done creating who you are, it's time to begin your very own story within AoG, choosing a purpose or goal for your character to work towards while interacting with other player-made characters, making friends, and growing stronger.

How do you play and progress?[]

As mentioned above, Age of Gezo is an MMORPG, but unlike most RPGs in today's gaming scene, this is one where you literally roleplay as your character by using words to speak to others and perform actions. For example, when two characters engage in a fight against one another, they use the Roleplay button to let them detail every action they wish to perform during their turn, such as avoiding the enemy's attack or performing their own. For a more detailed explanation about AoG's combat system, check out the Combat page here on the wiki.

At the end of each week, from Friday-Sunday, the game's administrators go through every single player's Roleplay Logs, checking both how much you roleplayed and how well each roleplay was. Once they finish reviewing your logs, they will reward you RPP or Roleplay Points based on the quantity and quality of your logs. These points are one of the game's core mechanics for progressing your character up in skill and power, as they can be spent to buy new Jutsu or buy Perks. Jutsu are exactly what you'd expect them to be from Naruto: techniques that allow you to do things like shoot fireballs and summon animals. Perks are passive traits that provide stats and helpful effects for your character, such as providing more speed or skill with a sword.

Quick Navigation[]

Here you can find a series of links to the general 'categories' we've sorted our Wikia's pages into, allowing for easier navigation of the website!

  • Villages Page: A list of the villages and major countries in the game.
  • Clans Page: A list of the major clans and families in the game that can be played as.
  • Lore Page: A collection of pages that explain the rich lore and story of the world of Age of Gezo.
  • System Page: A collection of pages explaining the various systems and mechanics used by the game.

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